Common or preferred stock; a bond of a corporation, government, or quasi- government body. Chicago Board of Trade glossary
Piece of paper that proves ownership of stocks, bonds, and other investments. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Amount that might be requested by the customs authorities to ensure payment of customs debt. EU Customs Glossary
(For VAT)
VAT law allows HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to require the provision of an amount of security where it is considered that a business represents a risk to the collection of VAT. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary
See charges. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary
Term used for financial instruments within Euroclear. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary
Generic name for a stock or share. Stocks are fixed-interest securities and shares are the rest. Exchange Handbook Glossary

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security se‧cu‧ri‧ty [sɪˈkjʊərti ǁ -ˈkjʊr-] noun securities PLURALFORM
1. [uncountable] actions to keep someone or something safe from being damaged, stolen etc:

• We spend roughly as much on security as on sales promotion.

• On April 29th, a security alert shut down the London Stock Exchange.

• teams of professional security guards

2. [uncountable] a feeling of being safe and free from worry about what might happen:

Job security (= being confident that you are unlikely to lose your job ) is the main issue in the dispute.

• Many Koreans like the financial security of working for big companies.

3. [uncountable] FINANCE property or other assets that you promise to give someone if you cannot pay back the money that you owe them:

• The bank offers its customers flexible borrowing, usually without security.

• His parents have pledged (= promised ) their homes as security so that he can obtain finance for his new business.

4. [countable] FINANCE a financial investment such as a bond or share etc, or the related certificate showing who owns it:

• Numbers showed that investment in foreign securities slowed in November.

Securities firms outside the EU often operate under different rules.

• Almost every country with a developed securities market has some form of controls outlawing insider dealing.

ˌasset-backed seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
if a financial institution sells asset-backed securities, it buys loans from lenders such as banks and uses the loans as backing for bonds. The financial institution takes the repayments on these loans and uses them to pay interest to investors who buy the bonds, and to repay the bonds. Lenders sell their loans in this way in order to improve their financial situation and to make more loans
ˈbearer seˌcurity [countable] FINANCE
a security where the person possessing it is considered to be the owner even though their name might not be recorded on an official list
conˌtinuing seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE BANKING
something a borrower gives to a bank, which the bank can keep if they fail to repay a loan
conˌvertible seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
one of the bonds, shares etc in a company that may be exchanged later for another type of bond etc under certain conditions
ˌdated seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a security that will be repaid on a fixed date, unless it is Called (= unless the borrower repays it early). Almost all securities are dated
deˌferred seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a loan where interest is not paid in the normal way, but where the lender obtains one big payment when the loan period ends or receives stocks, shares etc in exchange:

• Deferred securities like zero-coupon bonds outperformed cash paying bonds during April.

ˌfixed-ˌinterest seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a type of bond that pays an agreed fixed rate of interest at regular times during the year
ˌgilt-edged seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a British government bond
ˌgovernment seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
one of the bonds sold by a government to finance its budget deficit (= the difference between what it gets in taxes and what it spends). Government bonds are usually considered to be a very safe form of investment; = GOVERNMENT STOCK
ˌlisted seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
one of the bonds or shares in the largest companies that are traded on the main financial markets
ˌlong-term seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a security repayable in more than fifteen years
ˌmarketable seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a security that can easily be sold. Marketable securities are considered to be nearly as liquid (= easily sold) as cash
ˌmedium-term seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a security repayable in between five and fifteen years
ˌmortgage-backed seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a type of asset-backed security that is Backed by loans to people to buy property
neˌgotiable seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a security that can be bought and sold for money
ˌregistered seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a security where the name of the holder is officially recorded by the financial institution that sold it
ˌshort-term seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a security repayable in under five years
unˌdated seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
a security that will never be repaid, and that only pays interest. A few British government securities are undated
unˌlisted seˈcurity [countable] FINANCE
one of the bonds or shares in smaller companies that are not traded on the main financial markets in a particular place — see also social security

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   A certificate issued by a company, government or any organization which offers proof that investors have invested money in the organization's equity or debt.

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security UK US /sɪˈkjʊərəti/ noun
[U] the protection of people, organizations, countries, etc. against a possible attack or other crime: »

border/homeland/national security

boost/improve/tighten security »

Airport security has been tightened since the terrorist threat.


lax/strict/tight security


He was head of security at the Federal Aviation Administration.


security firm/contractor/company

security system/check/measure »

Anyone entering the building has to undergo a series of security checks.


The airport was temporarily closed due to a security alert.


security cameras/lights/doors

[U] IT, BANKING, INTERNET the protection of information against being stolen or used wrongly or illegally: »

data/information/IT security

security measures/checks/controls »

The bank has taken additional security measures to ensure accounts are protected.

[U] the fact or feeling that your job, money, etc. is safe and you will not lose it: »

He left the relative security of a corporate job to set up on his own.

give/offer sb security »

His 15-year career in investment banking has given him the financial security to transfer his skills to the voluntary sector.


economic/financial security


They are concerned about the security of their investments.

[C, usually plural] (plural securities) FINANCE, STOCK MARKET a financial investment such as a bond or share that is traded on a financial market: buy/hold/sell securities »

Investors who bought securities made up of subprime loans suffered the biggest losses.


deal in/invest in/issue securities


a securities agreement/audit/dealer


a securities business/company/house

[U] FINANCE property or goods that you promise to give someone if you cannot pay them what you owe them: give/offer/pledge sth as security »

She signed papers pledging their home as security against the loan.

See also ASSET-BACKED(Cf. ↑asset-backed), BEARER SECURITY(Cf. ↑bearer security), CONTINUING SECURITY(Cf. ↑continuing security), CONVERTIBLE SECURITY(Cf. ↑convertible security), DATED SECURITY(Cf. ↑dated security), EMPLOYMENT SECURITY(Cf. ↑employment security), FOOD SECURITY(Cf. ↑food security), FIXED-INTEREST SECURITY(Cf. ↑fixed-interest security), GILTS(Cf. ↑gilts), GOVERNMENT SECURITY(Cf. ↑government security), JOB SECURITY(Cf. ↑job security), LISTED SECURITY(Cf. ↑listed security), LONG-TERM SECURITY(Cf. ↑long-term security), MARKETABLE SECURITY(Cf. ↑marketable security), MEDIUM-TERM SECURITY(Cf. ↑medium-term security), MORTGAGE-BACKED(Cf. ↑mortgage-backed), NEGOTIABLE(Cf. ↑negotiable), SHORT-TERM SECURITY(Cf. ↑short-term security), UNDATED SECURITY(Cf. ↑undated security), UNLISTED SECURITY(Cf. ↑unlisted security)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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